What makes Flux photobooth so special?

FLUX photobooth provides you with a unique experience. We aren’t just a photobooth.  Our creative time will work with you to tailor your booth. We can also work with your creative team to come up with an optimal booth plan.


What is an "open-air" booth?

Unlike a boxed in booth, our sleek and luxurious booth takes minimal space but provides maximum service. Our open-air booth allows for large groups to join in on the fun. It also allows for us to get creative.

photobooth nyc.jpg

What are the venue requirements for your booth?

We will need:

Access to a regular power outage of 110W within 30 feet, on level ground.

A prop table.

A total space of 10x10


What is the requirement for making a reservation and how early should I book?

Booking is upon availability, You may book as early as possible to make sure your date is available, but some clients were able to book 2 days before their event!   A non- refundable retainer is due to reserve your booth for your date. Remaining balance is due up to 2 weeks before your event.  


What type of props do you supply?

All of are our props are hand crafted and depend on the package you chose.  We have a wide variety depending on what type of event you are hosting. We can also make custom props. (extra fees may apply)  Our creative team will make sure your props exactly what you need.


What is the difference between standard props and premium props?

Standards props like premium props are booth hand crafted. Our standard props only include our hand held stick signs. Our premium props include stick signs, wooden laser-cut signs, fun foil balloons, and wearables.


Is there a travel fee?

No travel fee anywhere within New York City. (Yes, all 5 boroughs!) Travel for for anywhere else outside of NYC. We charge .51 per mile plus any tolls. 


Can you take black and white photos or gif?

Yes, we can! We love a classic black and white photo. Our GIF feature is an animation of your photographs, also available.


Where can guest access their photographs?

Photos will be accessible via our Facebook gallery and/or HD online gallery. Please let us know if you would like for photographs to remain private. 


How does everyone get thier thank you email?

Personalized Thank you emails are sent to everyone that attended your event. You may give us the email addresses of all your guests and we will send them within 24 hours of your event. If you do not have a list of all their email addresses, we are able to collect emails the day of your event! 

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